To rise into love you must descend into your wounds.

Robert Bly

It’s what Kierkegaard called a leap of faith, of just taking the risk to go for love and truth, throw ourselves into the abyss. . . . The leap of faith is that the abyss is perfect freedom, that it doesn’t lead to self-annihilation or destruction, but the exact opposite. I mean, one’s self is just an illusion, just a hallucination. It’s a source of all one’s unhappiness and suffering and attachments and needs. Don’t you want to get rid of yourself?

R.D. Laing

In a world full of fugitives, the person taking the opposite direction will appear to be running away.

T.S. Eliot

And then I think that unless one is oneself one cannot do anything much for others. With the best will in the world and even with a great deal of effort, one will always to a certain extent give them stones instead of bread — and both sides know it.

Isak Dinesen

In lunatic asylums it is a well-known fact that patients are far more dangerous when suffering from fear than when moved by rage or hatred.

Carl Jung

In the absence of a natural disaster, we are left again to our own uneasy devices.

Joan Didion

A man’s worst enemies can’t wish on him what he can think up himself.

Yiddish proverb

I don’t think there are any sins; I think there are things you don’t admit, look into, or confront, so confrontation is my response.

Robert Duncan

The minute you begin to do what you want to do, it’s really a different kind of life.

Buckminster Fuller

Nothing we have intensely sensed, while awake or while asleep, is ever lost, no matter how much we would later reject it as irrational or hallucinatory; the very act of its burial in the memory makes it more firmly part of whatever it is we are, and it will assert itself unexpectedly, when we are fatigued or unwary.

James McConkley, To a Distant Island

The present is the only thing that has no end.

Erwin Schrödinger

Normally, he was the happiest of men. He asked so little of life that its frugal bounty amazed and delighted him. . . . He believed in miracles and frequently observed them, and nothing astonished him. His imagination was as wild as a small boy’s and his faith ultimate. In ordinary life he was, quite frankly, hardly safe out.

Margery Allingham, The Tiger in the Smoke

Some believers who were sitting around a fountain taunted Saint John of God about his faith and poured scorn on his belief in miracles. John, who was a very burly fellow, answered, “Is it not a miracle enough that God prevents me from throwing you into the water?”

Source unknown

God has no religion.

Mahatma Gandhi

Language is a tailor’s shop where nothing fits.


I recently received a mail advertisement for a spelling corrector. The ad contained two spelling errors. Three months later, the company folded.

Gerald M. Weinberg, The Whole Earth Software Catalog

To see truth, contemplate all phenomena as a lie.


Disillusionment is an extraordinarily interesting state of being, having immediate and far-reaching effects. It is a sacred state that has power. The experience of disillusionment stops thought. This has the effect of bringing about in my whole organism a quiet and seriousness that unite me as nothing else has the power to. Only then the mind is receptive and can experience a moment of more precise knowledge.

Carla Needleman

That the world is, is the mystical.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Students achieving oneness will move ahead to twoness.

Woody Allen