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The Heart Of Compassion

An Interview With Ram Dass

So there’s a part of me that’s perfectly allowing of suffering. And then there’s the human heart that hurts like hell. And it’s that balancing that’s such a beautiful art form. The deepest line I work with, personally and in my lectures, is, “Out of emptiness arises compassion.” That’s the one. Getting to the place where you do what you do. And you’re not milking it for righteousness, and you’re not trying to change the world.

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A New Astonishment

Notes On Television Watching

Only the rare teacher has the courage to reveal to us that in the actual world of men and women freedom is flawed like an imperfect diamond: precious in facets, but at the heart a darkness which breaks the heart. What children never learn is that to be free is to possess, among other things, the right to be stupid, to be trivial, to be greedy, to be cunning, to be richer than your neighbor, and, if you’re very rich, to be practically safe from the law. Who teaches us that freedom is only as good as the men and women who make use of it? In and of itself freedom means nothing — the right to be wonderful, the right to be a jerk.

Enemies: Further Ruminations On The Great Peace March

Toward the end of the Great Peace March For Global Nuclear Disarmament, we all anticipated that we would finally be getting plenty of national media attention. It was what most of us wanted all along, but in fact there is something surreal about being a media item. No matter how sympathetic or even accurate the stories about us were, I always felt, “That’s not us.”


Liberating Horses

When she was three she brought him the clear plastic ball with four orange and red horses inside it. “I want the horses.”

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Changing Beliefs

Someone once said, “It is rating one’s beliefs very high to roast a man alive on the strength of them.”

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How goes a life? Something like the ocean building dead coral.

Stanley Moss

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