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An Interview With Allen Ginsberg

The style [of meditation] I practice is Tibetan. It has the same roots as Zen, from back in the ninth century. It involves sitting with your back straight, and following your breath through your nose until the breath ends, eyes open, mouth slightly open as if you were holding a rice grain between your lips, seated in a chair or on a meditation cushion called a zafu, eyes relaxed and resting in space, not staring at anything, not trying to picture anything, non-aggressive eyes just resting in space, continually observing your breath and when the thoughts come in, discursive thought, subconscious gossip, having a friendly attitude toward it and gently going back to following the breath. I generally sit for an hour a day in the mornings. It doesn’t involve a mantra or any kind of visualization. It’s just ordinary mind observing ordinary mind, allowing it to happen without judging it or investigating. There’s no mystique. It’s just ordinary mind.


Wellspring: A Story From The Deep Country

Before we moved here, someone told us that the first winter would be the hardest test. If we made it through to spring, life in the country was supposed to be clear sailing. But in our case, the first summer was such an all-out assault that we welcomed the fall rains with relief, and the winter that followed brought slow and needed healing. The pattern established then has more or less continued: summers are our hard times.

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How I Relax

Relax. Pull back, or surge forth — whatever draws me closer to some sense of unity with existence. No need to couch relaxation in terms of strictly physical rest. How can states of being segregate body from spirit? To relax is to find one’s position in this wonderful cosmic puzzle of love we call the Universe.

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O Lord, give me chastity and continency, but not yet.

St. Augustine

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