“An unexpected gem . . . pervaded with a beautiful spiritual quality but without the jargon and trappings of most ‘spiritual’ journals . . .”

— Rain magazine

“The Sun looks good and says good things.”

— CoEvolution Quarterly

Christmas this year coincides with the fifth anniversary of The Sun. Some of you remember those early days — the magazine cost only 25 cents, it was crudely printed and brash. That it came out at all was a miracle, appropriate to the season.

That it keeps coming out is a miracle, and we’re grateful for how much it’s changed. The Sun has steadily improved, and our readership keeps growing — thanks, in part, to those of you who have given The Sun as a gift.

Because of the time it takes to process an order and get the first issue in the mail, now is the time to order gift subscriptions for Christmas. A subscription to The Sun costs $12. It’s a gift that will be appreciated all year.

Who among your friends would like The Sun? You can order one or more gift subscriptions by filling out the back of this page, tearing it out, and sending it to The Sun, 412 W. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514. You can pay now, or we’ll bill you. We’ll send a gift card, if you want, when you want (we can time it to arrive right before Christmas).

There’s another reason to give The Sun. It’s a way of helping us with our work. The Sun, like any other five-year-old, needs nurturing.

In the spirit of Christmas, thanks for sharing the journey this far.

Sy Safransky
The Sun