Are the executives of oil steel aluminum plastic
                                   military industrial capitalism
To be looked up to as Great Men and Women to be held
                                   as fitting examples of enlightened human beings?
Or are they miserable failures of greed who betray the Earth
                                   and the promise of America?
Is who invented napalm to be honored?
Is who invented nerve gas to be honored?
Slavery did not end. Almost everyone enslaved
                                   to earthdeath accomplice jobs.
A new Emancipation Proclamation is needed.
Liberation from an eight-hour day five-day workweek
                                   to a five-hour day one-day workweek
                                   getting paid the same amount.
Or how about a twelve-hour day seven-day playweek?
Or maybe keep only the least harmful factories
                                   and everyone has to factory once for a year,
                                   the rest of their life free to learn and create,
                                   travel to wilds and other lands, like Huxley’s Island?

We think working eight hours a day
                                   a great advance over the time
                                   when workers, even children,
                                   worked fourteen hours a day
                                   for lousy wages and conditions.
It is better, but eight hours a day
                                   is still too long!
Our lives should be free, a continual vacation.
Anyone who had to work all their life
                                   and had a two-week vacation every year
                                   has been robbed.
Anyone who had to work six months a year
                                   and had a six-month vacation
                                   has been robbed.
Anyone who had to work one day a year
                                   and had a 364-day vacation
                                   has been robbed.
Only Total Vacation will do.

Expand Wilderness, Reduce Population, Reduce Production!
Anyone who says it can’t be done is performing what I call
                                   “The Ghost Dance in Reverse.”
We can shape the Image of Man we desire!
We can shape the Image of Boy we desire!
We can shape the Image of Girls and Women and America
                                   and World Peace and Wilderness VisionQuest Enlightenment
                                   we desire!
A twelve-hour day six-day workweek
                                   becomes a ten-hour day six-day workweek
                                   becomes an eight-hour day five-day workweek
                                   becomes a six-hour day four-day workweek
                                   becomes a four-hour day two-day workweek
                                   becomes a one-hour day one-day workweek
                                   becomes a zero-hour day zero-day workweek!

People should be paid not to work!
People should be paid to play!
People should lie in hammocks
                                   and sip lemonade all day!
Most people are too busy working or resting from work
                                   to work on their own mindgrowth poet-ential.
“But,” my mother asks, “what about workers who like
                  their jobs — happy they receive so much money
                                   to buy all the amazing things factories make
                                   not to mention the benefits they get
                                   for medical protection and old age?”
It’s not religion that’s the opiate of the people, but work,
Work is the opiate of the people. O Workers of the World,
                                   stop working!
Think of the whales, more intelligent than Einstein or Bach,
                                   who never have to work a fucking second
                                   of their incredible life!