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Playing The Edge: A New Look At Yoga

Yoga is a living process. The heart of yoga does not lie in visible attainments; it lies in learning and exploring. Learning is a process, a movement, while attainments are static.

By Joel Kramer March 1977
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The Mountain And I

To me the most natural form of exercise is running; to run you need no equipment but yourself, you need no shelter but the sky, you need no teacher but your instincts. Your energy goes directly into learning how to move with ease and grace.

By David Royle December 1976
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A Path of Responsible Living. That is what is going on now. In the 60s, you were responsible if you were an activist overtly, and now it seems like you are responsible if you are an activist on an introverted level — spiritually.

By Betsy Campbell Blackwell October 1976
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The Well Of Being

Yoga, Breathing And Meditation

Being well, what can we call it? Freedom from physical disturbance, from illness, or from psychological tensions? Is it freedom from illusion and self-imposed limitation? Well-being probably encompasses all of these interrelated conditions as well as others whose reality is unmet as of yet.

By Gayle Garrison June 1976
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Taking The Cure

Throughout history plants have been the primary medicine used to treat physical and psychological illness. Many people are returning to nature as their primary healer, finding the approach of Western medicine often ineffective and expensive.

By Leaf Diamant June 1976
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A Kind Word About Coffee

One legend gives the credit to Kaldi, a goatherd in Ethiopia. One day in 850 A.D. Kaldi noticed his goats, after feeding on the berries of a certain evergreen bush, began to act strangely. Enough so to make Kaldi try the beans himself.

By Mike Barefoot June 1976
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Be True To Your Teeth Or They’ll Be False To You

It is a common misconception that we are more healthy than our great grandparents due to progress in the medical profession. For example, the epidemic of tooth decay (the most prevalent form of all human diseases) is relatively recent and is a clear indication of our physical degeneration.

By Priscilla Rich Safransky June 1976
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The Morning After

This head so gently aches; its bloodshot blur is the morning vision. “Higher” consciousness always takes its toll. Well, I did yoga twice yesterday and only had five scoops of Bob’s Homemade last night. Am I healthy because I didn’t get the flu last week?

By Stewart Walker June 1976
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Channel One

WE ARE ALL CHANNELS, and what we know, what we feel, who we are, determine what we channel. Every day numerous messages channel through us, and the effects of our behavior, our transmission, is powerful and influential.

By Leaf Diamant February 1976
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Psychedelics In Perspective

The emergence of psychedelic drugs into contemporary society has probably created as much controversy as any other agent affecting the body-mind complex of man since the discovery of fire.

By David Bonnis December 1975