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Readers Write

Taking Risks

Catching the eye of Harper and Row, being the first one into Chico Creek every spring, being tethered to the clothesline

By Our Readers June 1987
Readers Write

Changing Beliefs

Ronald Reagan, religion, cooking

By Our Readers February 1987

You’re Weird, Irene

The woman sits there a while and then we can see her face changing. It looks like she’s got all the troubles in the whole world. Her face crinkles up and she starts to cry. She wipes away her tears but they keep coming down and flowing into her toothless mouth.

By Jeff Spitzer December 1986

Relieving Ramona

I like Ramona. I want to win the lottery, pay her brother back for the car, bounce her and the baby out of the attic apartment.

By Elizabeth Rose Campbell June 1986
Readers Write

Visiting Parents

A noodle kugel, some missing underwear, a “magic cube”

By Our Readers March 1986

The Smell Of The Vineyards

Luz lived with her mother and sister in the Raisin Capital of the World. In September, when the grapes were drying between the vines, the whole valley smelled of wine.

By Jean Pickering January 1986
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Red Dawn Over Tweetsie

When I saw “Red Dawn,” I realized that a private and relatively innocent part of my adolescence had become tribalized on a mass scale, and from that fact flowed a palpable undercurrent of menace that had never been there for us.

By William Trotter November 1985

The Secret Of Life

I recall another day back in junior high. He wrote upon the blackboard large: DNA/RNA. He pointed to the letters lying there like some Kabbalistic mantra, then said, “This is the secret of life.”

By Patricia Bralley November 1985

For You

I did my job. I picked her up when her mother threw her away, I handed her over to the shrink when the time came. I did my job. I’m the stepmother, not abnormally wicked.

By Su Fidler September 1985