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On The Astral Plane To Puerto Rico

I, Arthur Milstein, have had a shitty life. I have found difficulty finding gainful employment. I most recently had a position carving names on gravestones, but I was dismissed owing to poor spelling. I usually spell well but not under intense pressure.

By Karl Grossman December 1977
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Shadow Dancing

I AM RAGE. I am a storm, dark, heavy, omnipotent. I am unmitigated violence. I am fury, exploding, blinding lightning, roaring thunder, howling wind. I surge like the sea, uncontrollable in my rage.

By Leaf Diamant March 1977
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Channel One

I spend a good part of my existence avoiding “unpleasant” feelings. Especially lately, as much old pain surges up, I avoid without allowing myself the awareness that I am avoiding.

By Leaf Diamant November 1976
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By The Light Of The Moon

The Soul And Its Transformations

The province of the transformations of the soul in western society remains, for the most part, that of medicine and psychotherapy. Mostly, both acknowledge problems, rather than the states of evolution and transformation of the soul.

By Isis October 1976
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Channel One

I am becoming myself. Between becoming and being myself lay a miasma of ancient feelings, values, and perceptions. These are the unknown forces to which I respond by looking everywhere else for the solution, an end to my fears and hunger.

By Leaf Diamant October 1976
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Channel One

Depressions are usually characterized by loss of energy, lack of enthusiasm and good feelings, and lowered self-acceptance. Depressed people often feel unwanted, unloved, and unworthy.

By Leaf Diamant September 1976
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Channel One

WE ARE ALL CHANNELS, and what we know, what we feel, who we are, determine what we channel. Every day numerous messages channel through us, and the effects of our behavior, our transmission, is powerful and influential.

By Leaf Diamant February 1976
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The Last Free Lunch (Part Two)

Wild Foods And Herbs In Chapel Hill

In this area of North Carolina, healthful foods and herbs grow wild throughout the year. . . . Persimmon, rosehips, and sassafras are three easy to find and easy to collect plants that are abundant.

By Leaf Robert Diamant November 1975