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A Better Game Than War

An Interview With Robert Fuller

In short, the activities that outmode and replace war must deal with incompleteness, whether it be of the body, mind or soul. No one activity embodies all these aspects. Nonetheless, to deal with want in any of its forms is to move toward bypassing war; and conversely, not to deal with want is to court war. We begin to see the outline of another grand human game on the horizon, coaxing us away from the thrills of the battlefield. It is the discovery and completion of one’s own self as experienced in one’s culture, and one’s self as manifested in one’s supposed enemy or shadow.

By Robert Fuller January 1987
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What In The Name Of God?

We’ve got to appreciate that the “New Age” is not immune to corruption, sophisticated fundamentalism, empire-building, or sincere delusion. In any age, a variety of appealing fads will be taking place alongside genuine spiritual evolution. The decision to surrender to a teaching or teacher is not one to be taken lightly.

By Bo Lozoff February 1984
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Why The News Spreads Fear Rather Than Light

If there is no way to separate story and story teller, there is no way to avoid facing the fact that the press never simply covers news. It defines and authenticates certain ways of seeing. It does this by the way it focuses, the way it names, by its choice of authenticating authorities and of story parameters.

By Rasa Gustaitis October 1979
Readers Write


The “Today” show, “Washington Week in Review,” Barbara Walters

By Our Readers February 1979
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Care Packages To Fat City

An Objective Opinion

I write of a ridiculous-acting class of people, but one that is not without craft and guile. Public office seems to attract people who are just smart enough to realize that elected positions of “public confidence” are the easiest and safest of possibilities for not especially bright individuals to get rich.

By William Gaither March 1977
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American Pie

So it is that every fourth year we are treated to a seemingly new series of causes and slogans that are destined to end up being a further boost to special interests and privileged classes to which none of us belong.

By William Gaither July 1976
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Alternative Energy

Solar energy, many scientists believe, is adequate for all the conceivable energy needs of the world. It is safe and clean, but expensive. The main technical obstacle is bringing down the cost of the solar cells, which convert light from the sun directly into electric current.

By Joy Hewitt January 1974