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Some Joke, Huh?

My brother is weird. I never know what he’s going to do next. Like the time he decides around three o’clock on an August afternoon that he’s going to climb the Franklin Mountains.

By Chuck Taylor August 1982
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From The Heart

As I learn to accept love as it is really given — not as I expect it to be — a vast amount of the precious stuff becomes available.

By Sherman Burns July 1981
Readers Write

Death Of A Loved One

Giving the eulogy, being followed by a chicken, losing a child

By Our Readers May 1981
Readers Write

Best Friends

An abortion, graduate school, sisters

By Our Readers December 1980

The Hill

Photographs By Alma Blount

I’m especially grateful to the Wrenn family for their warmth to me during this undertaking. They were completely honest in front of the camera. I was a stranger to them but to my amazement, they were willing to express the love they have for each other as a family without inhibition before my curious eyes.

By Alma Blount March 1980
Essays, Memoirs, & True Stories

Different Drummers

Book Review

Brother to a Dragon Fly is first and foremost the story of Joe Campbell, but as the book proceeds, it seems to become a history of the civil rights movement. Will Campbell’s unadorned style is at its most effective when reciting those events both moving and terrifying.

By David M. Guy February 1978
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Monstrosity And Beauty

Book Review

The October light in Vermont that gives the novel its title is variously seen. Lewis Hicks at one point sees it casting beauty over the landscape; James Page, in a moment of despair, believes it exposes all the world’s rottenness.

By David M. Guy July 1977