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Ground zero, fuzzy kittens, the most beautiful roundhouse right punch

By Our Readers August 2000
The Sun Interview

Nature Of The Beast

An Interview With John Robbins On The Great American Food Machine

We call some animals pets and other animals dinner because our culture says that some animals are part of our circle of compassion and others are not. To some extent, an animal that is destined for human consumption is exempt from the laws restricting cruelty to animals. In other words, you can do anything you want to an animal as long as you’re going to eat it. There are Filipino communities in the United States whose members carry on their cultural tradition of eating dogs, and many people who don’t think twice about the treatment of veal calves find it very objectionable to see a dog treated that way.

By David Jay Brown & Rebecca McClen Novick October 1998
Readers Write


Raising money for a softball team, sharing a bag of rock candy, making gummy-bear jewelry

By Our Readers October 1998

What Miss Lena Prays For

Miss Lena goes into the dressing room, closes the folding three-way mirror, gets down on her knees, and prays. I wonder if she’s really praying for customers, as she tells me, or if she’s praying for bigger things, like peace in Yugoslavia, where she is from and which she calls Yugo, or maybe an end to homelessness. It seems to me you shouldn’t waste a prayer on attracting customers.

By Jessica Anya Blau September 1998


And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed.

Genesis 2:25

April 1996
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Spam, reading material, C rations

By Our Readers March 1996


The way one eats is the way one works.

Czech proverb

June 1994
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TV dinners, small yellow eggs, baked Alaska

By Our Readers June 1994
Readers Write

What I’d Most Like To Change

The constant nagging desire to change things; my fear of death; my inner victim into a happier, healthier being

By Our Readers November 1985